Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let's Begin

It was several weeks ago that I created this blog and I have been pondering why I did. Ideas for it have ruminated for several days. Hopefully I can document some of my creative ideas, projects and designs.

But I'm also dabbling at recording my family history through my textile endeavors. I have always had a love for textile--fabric, lace, smooth, fuzzy, shiny and rough. It has been a large part of my life, since I first learned to embroider, crochet, sew and even knit--though I rarely knit anymore. A room of my house is dedicated to the projects pending, needing redesign, needing mending, or just not quite finished. And of course, all the supplies and stuff that entails. I need to add that I'm somewhat of a hoarder--not in the sense of "the hoarders" on TV. I am fairly organized, but in answer to the creative side, supplies need to be brought out and touched and observed and pondered. That creates some mess.

I am told that my maternal grandmother saved items as potential creative supply. Perhaps it is genetic. I know that it frustrated my mother somewhat, although when she died, she had a large inventory of quilting fabrics, too. It was all organized, though--drawers and cupboards of blues, greens, yellows; prints and solids, all in 100 % cotton. And all pre-washed, too. After 23 years, I still have some of that stash here and there in my own.

Some family history is already starting to emerge here on this blog, isn't it? Maybe this medium will work for recording my life through textiles after all.

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