Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baby Shoes

This baby picture (from a slide) of me is marred with a fingerprint and the lighting is not the best, but I have always liked it.  As the years have passed, I have gazed at it and wondered about the baby  I was and what I have become.  There is a resemblance to some of my babies--especially around the eyes and in the face shape and the ears sticking out.

My mother wrote on the back of the picture, "Winter, 1960, Taylorsville, Utah; Rug braided by Carol [Hatch] at time George [Hatch] was sick in Provo; Amy ready for church, has taken shoe off."

I’m not sure if the shoes in the baby picture are the same ones my mother gave me , but she did say that most of her children wore them at some time.  We must not have worn them often, however, because the shoes survived and were given to me when my first baby arrived.

I'm glad my Mom wasn't in to bronzed baby shoes.  These are so much cuter this way.  Can you say "Vintage?"

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